Our Services

Enrich Every Facet of Your Business

From immersive retail to onboarding to employee training, let augmented and virtual reality enrich your experiences long-term.

XR for Industrial + Medical
  • Intelligent augmentation
  • Reduce stress
  • Maximize retention rate
  • Provide critical info
  • Confidence building
  • Reduce return rate
  • Experience products
XR in Marketing
  • Maximize engagement
  • Maximize retention rate
  • Add excitement
Entertain with XR
  • Maximize engagement
  • Seamless immersion
  • Increased interaction

Technology for any part of your business

At CemtrexLabs, we develop cutting edge VR applications across sectors and application use cases. From real-estate to education and business communications, we’ve got the experience to build you a virtual reality experience that will blow your competitors out of the water.


Our clients say nice things about us

I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on — it was a great overall experience.

CXR delivered a great product which gave the client the confidence to turn it into their main presentation card for potential customers. They led a communicative process to ensure meeting deadlines. Their responsiveness and quick turnaround were also key to the success of the engagement.

Gregg Jackowitz Hospitality & Leisure
CXR was able to modify the product to fit our budget and then over delivered on our needs and timing.

The VR platform allows the client to see real-time what products their customers respond to thanks to CXR’s work. The team was able to adapt to the company’s communication tools and utilized agile sprints in development.

Rob Abney Beauty & Cosmetics
Every one of our clients has been happy with their work.

CXR (previously part of CemtrexLabs) consistently delivers high-quality work. Their team is creative, innovative, and transparent. As industry leaders, they’ve been able to address any challenge their client throws at them. They’re extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date on modern technology.

Tahira White Media
They’re very confident and they have a solution for everything.

CXR (previously part of CemtrexLabs) delivered effective solutions, satisfying the client. Overall, the team performed well and managed the project effectively. They worked hard to meet deadlines and completed each task in a timely manner.

Matt Cohen Advertising & Marketing
The people are the most caring and understanding of business needs.

Patient confidence has grown thanks to the platform’s visualization tools. CXR (previously part of CemtrexLabs) has established a smooth workflow through hands-on management. Their compassionate and understanding resources have stood out to this point.

Marcus Turner Healthcare
Our Process

Guerilla Design + Development

Why Guerilla?

Improved Sprint Efficiency

We front-load the foundational work so sprints go smoother.


We adapt to changing business requirements quickly and seamlessly.

Stress-free launches

Transparency and frequent testing give you comfort when it’s time to go live.