Digitally rebuilding the ancient village of Manfouha to offer a virtual solution and modernize the tourism industry.

Disciplines Used
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Micro Animations
  • Digital Intelligence + Strategy
  • Mobile Design

The Background

Modelcraft came to CXR Agency with hopes of revolutionizing its tourism strategy by designing and developing a digital tour for the ancient village in the Middle East, Manfouha. The CLabs team worked with their 3D modeling team to develop an interactive, first-person virtual tour in order to offer the experience to those who otherwise would not be able to make it in person.

The Background


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  • An aggressive timeline of 8 weeks to complete the entire project, from conceptualization to implementation 
  • Long-distance communication with Modelcraft’s design and 3D modeling team  
  • Ensuring that the application was high res with low latency simultaneously 
  • Language localizations (Arabic and English)

The Solution

By using predesigned, but incomplete, models that the organization already had, the CXR Agency team was able to engineer a virtual tour experience that is accessible to people all over the world – from the comforts of their own homes.

The Solution

Services / Process

Phase 1: Understanding the Exhibit

Before our design team collaborated with Modelcrafts’, we wanted to make sure we understood the exhibit and the history behind the ancient village of Manfouha. We learned as much as we could about the physical exhibit and planned how we would design the iOS and Android app to accurately mimic the actual location, then moved forward with the design process.

Phase 2: Improving Upon Existing 3D Models to Maximize Realism

Our 3D modeling team met with Modelcrafts’ 3D modeling team and we were given existing 3D assets and models that their team had developed. These models, however, had an immense number of pixels and were not developed for a mobile-first experience.

Our team immediately set out to refine the assets to make them usable in a mobile environment. Once we finalized these assets, we began building out the application.

Phase 3: Building an Application that Mimics Real-Life

The design and development team then worked together to combine the knowledge they had of the physical exhibit and the 3D assets that were created to finalize the iOS and Android applications. The application allowed users to move around the exhibit as they would in-person and interact with 3D models to learn more about them.


We successfully designed and developed a stunning iOS and Android app that closely imitated a real-life exhibit of the ancient Village, Manfouha. We are currently finishing the final iterations and ensuring everything is up to standard, and the app will be published in the following weeks.

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