Redesign and develop Metroloft’s web presence for a responsive and adaptive age.

Disciplines Used
  • Platform Migration
  • Web Engineering
  • User Experience Design


When Mitch and the Metroloft team wanted to redesign their site, they wanted something that was simple and elegant while easy to update and maintain.



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  • Redesign and develop Metroloft’s web presence in 6 weeks.
  • Design with the company’s multiple user personas in mind.
  • Design and develop a simple, clean and responsive experience.

The Solution


We began to work with the Metroloft team to understand their goals and requirements in greater details, and the goals of the redesign.

Creating Personas

Upon completing our interviews, we immediately got to work – laying out personas and use cases for all of the different kinds of users that would ultimately be served by Metroloft’s site. These users included everyone from bankers and brokers to potential tenants and employees.

Design and Development

We laid out a simple and clean responsive experience that focused on large, rich imagery and de-emphasized anything wordy or too text heavy – ultimately letting the buildings and properties speak for themselves. We then charged forward on coding and polishing the experience over the course of the next 6 weeks.

From a technical architecture standpoint, the site was built with WordPress and served by Nginx on Amazon Web Services. The experience of the site was crafted with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


CXR Agency successfully designed and developed a clean and responsive experience that works well for all of Metroloft’s users. We also continue to provide LiveOps support to the Metroloft team.

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