Our Mission

We’re reimagining how people interact with brands. CXR is redefining XR as a means of engaging audiences and building stronger communications. We’re establishing a new standard of exciting, immersive experiences – giving businesses the chance to cultivate stronger connections with consumers and bring new life to their operational strategies.

XR has the power to fundamentally change the way businesses engage audiences, customers and employees. In an era of personalized content and constant innovation, brands must learn to share their value in ways that make sense to a new generation of users. We’ve developed our solutions to help businesses focus on making connections with the people that support their brands inside and out – building more confident workforces and stronger connections with customers.

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Our Principles

These beliefs inform the way we operate as a business and every step of product development.

  • Innovation

    From our backend systems to the platforms we build for clients, we integrate best-in-class technology in everything we do – helping businesses future-proof operations, tackle modern challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • Quality

    Businesses are plagued by ever-changing issues, which is why we develop our products to grow and shift with you. Our world-class XR solutions are built to last, providing value for years to come.

  • Value

    We develop our products to provide real value to enterprises that are looking to change the way they work and build relationships. These solutions should be implemented not just to upgrade systems, but also to maximize efficiency and catalyze growth.

  • Accessibility

    Gaining a competitive advantage should be within reach for enterprises of every stage and size. We endeavor to democratize XR solutions by offering a range of solutions at a price you can afford – without sacrificing excellence.

Trust in Numbers

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    Team Members

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    Technology Partners

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Our Winning Formula

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A. Envisioning
B. Concept

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A. Prototyping
B. Blueprint

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A. Production
B. Optimization

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A. Delivery
B. Documentation
C. Marketing
D. Analytics

Some of the Brands We’ve Helped Transform

Our Awards
& Recognition

Proud to Partner with Industry-Leading Companies

Software Agnostic, Technical Excellence
Whether you’ve defined your tech stack or need something new, our team is well-versed in a variety of platforms. From AI to the cloud, we’re equipped with the tools and know-how to tackle your project.

Meet our Team

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    Ash Gobindram

    Chief Design Officer & Director of operations

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    Lucky Gobindram

    General Manager

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    Gaurav Taywade

    Chief Software Architect & Pune Studio Head

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    Andrew Kelley

    Creative Director

  • Block Image

    Sukesh Jadhav

    Lead Mobile Architect & Asst. Pune Studio Head

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    Jonathan Rudolph

    Vice President of Marketing

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    Chaz Cervino

    Vice President of Business Development

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    Duncan McInnes

    Senior Marketing Manager